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Autism & Comedy

When I was 23 I joined a local amateur stand-up comedy group in York called Can't Sing, Can't Dance, Don't Care. My aim in doing comedy was to work on my confidence and my skills in talking to people, and because I was single and inexperienced at the time I hoped it would then ultimately help me meet people and find love. In the end I met my wife through doing comedy so it definitely helped me achieve my ultimate goal and so much more, but my people skills and my confidence were no different from start to finish. Of course, since hanging up my mic a mere year after I started, I've had my eyes opened wide to the fact that I've been autistic the whole time, and so I've been thinking recently... If I knew I was autistic back when I was regularly gigging, would that have changed anything about my writing and performance? Would it have helped or hindered?

I was never the greatest comedian in the business and I knew it, but despite my flaws I usually got a reasonable…

Special Interests

Autistic special interests are an intense interest in a certain subject, activity or hobby that goes beyond the usual level of interest that neurotypicals would experience, and is often a source of enjoyment and comfort to autistics. An individual might want to learn everything there is to know about their area of interest and/or participate in it all the time.

A myth about special interests is that the person's particular interest fixed and permanent, but this isn't the case in reality. I've had 2 main interests that I can remember between my early teens and now. The first one being Pokémon, which started way back when the Pokémon card craze was going on. I'm often reluctant to try or explore new things, so just like with most other things I got into it late. It started when I was with my 2 cousins who collected Pokémon cards. We were in Woolworth's at one point (yeah, that's how long ago it was) and their dad was buying them a pack of cards each, so he got me…

My Decision

I know it's past midnight now, so it's no longer Blog Day Friday, but I haven't been to bed yet so technically it still is for me!

Following on from my post earlier today, I've had a think about things and spoken to a few people and I've come to the decision that I'll continue to fund raise for the National Autistic Society.

While the things that happened at Mendip House were totally disgusting and unforgivable, I see these as the actions of the staff more than of the charity. I do accept that it's the National Autistic Society's responsibility to train, supervise and oversee what goes on in any care home that they run, and it was therefore right that they were fined (whether the amount was enough is a matter for another time), but ultimately I believe it comes down to individual responsibility and the staff should be held accountable for their own actions.

I do see positivity towards the charity as a whole and I'm willing accept this as just one inc…

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to fund raise for the National Autistic Society through a 10 mile walk as part of World Autism Awareness Week, but there's recently been a scandal brought to my attention where NAS have been fined £4,000 over the abuse and bullying of residents in one of the care homes run by the charity.

Admittedly, my first thought was that it happened in 2016, we're now in 2019 and the care home has now been closed down. A lot can change in 3 years. However, it doesn't seem to be an isolated incident so it further depletes my trust in the charity as a whole. I still want to do my walk and I definitely want to make sure that I at least do something in World Autism Awareness Week, so I'm going to have a look at my Just Giving page and see if I can potentially change the charity I'm supporting without scrapping my existing page and starting all over again.
That then raises the question of who to support. I've had a quick Google sea…

My Story

Welcome one and all to my new blog! For my very first post I thought why not go through what brought me to the realisation that I'm autistic, and ultimately to my late diagnosis in December.

The very first time that I ever considered that I might be autistic (although at the time I didn't see it as being at all likely) was way back around 2008 or 2009 when a girl I'd previously had a couple of dates with posted a link to an Autism Quotient (AQ - a bit like an Intelligence Quotient or IQ, but specifically designed around the autism spectrum) quiz on Facebook. I was bored so thought I'd give it a go and scored quite highly on it but I put it down to nothing but a daft quiz on Facebook and thought nothing of it after that...

That was until I met my wife Sarah a few years later and moved in together. We were at home one night in 2012 watching Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 and there was a bit at the end advertising their website and the quizzes and stuff you can do on th…